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About the Artist

Debra Stubbe Burkart


Creating Fine Art has always been a big part of my life.  As a graphic designer I am always developing my own concepts and art to be used. I have a love for color, drawing and texture. These three loves really become apparent in my artwork. The French Impressionists as well as the Post-Impressionists have influenced my love of color, light and it's effects and my drawing style. I have had extensive training in drawing and painting and am intrigued as well as excited by viewing the masters, especially how they applied paint to the canvas. I like to use an ultra fine magic markers, it works well when drawing on top of the acrylic paint. Using raw canvas gives a spontaneity to my paintings and a unique yet fresh look. I try to experiment with my art by not doing the same thing but to explore unique techinques. I am currently doing landscapes, landmarks and architecture. My art is available through a variety of mediums, orginals, giclee prints, lazer prints and notecards. Art is and essential part of life that everyone should be able to afford and enjoy!

AARP Calendar Contest 


Over 1700 entries and was 1 of 14 in the nation selected for both the 2010 and the 2012 AARP Calendars.

2010 Calendar Art

2012 Calendar Art

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